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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Here it is mid-evening, on an overcast night in western Montana,
and I've just signed on to write my first post.

I'm so thrilled.

I've spent the last couple of days reading other artisan's blogs,
and was so inspired that I decided late last night that I had best get my own act together
and finish up all of the "projects" that I've started over the decades.

Talk about a late-bloomer!

Today, I sat at my computer and typed out a rough draft of where
I would begin and how I would structure this entire process.
I sure hope I live long enough to get this all done!


I'm at the end of a move at present, and everything is still packed away in boxes.
Just as soon as I locate my tower of discs holding the photos,
I will begin by posting my very first project with all of the details.

There are going to be many laughs along the way.
So, find your sense of humor, meet me back here and we will begin an "adventure"
that will be both entertaining and enlightening for us all.
I love sharing, and I'm game to even tackle a new challenge,
and believe me there will be plenty of those along the way!

Thank you for joining me. 

I look forward with much anticipation
for your input, including criticisms, enlightenment and suggestions.

Signing off for now with a joyful mini-filled heart,

in Montana


miniaturista said...

Me ha gustado mucho tus trabjos, me he hecho fiel seguidora de tu blog, porque no quiero perderme nada.
No sé los años que tendremos de vida, pero sé que por muchos que tengamos nunca veremos terminados todos nuestros proyectos porque las que amamos las miniaturas, cuando acabamos una queremos hacer otra, nunca finaliza este hobby, solo con nuestro fallecimiento.
Un abrazo y disfruta todo mientras puedas.

Sandra from Sydney said...

I had a good giggle as I read this - I relate to much to your situation! I would have even more UFOs than you do, I seem to have something against finishing things, even if it is just the last detail like adding the sign on a shop lol! Also like you I have so much packed up in boxes, and like you I will need to live forever to finish everything I want to do :-)