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Saturday, November 30, 2013


Not many people like the color purple,
but I have a little witch named "Violet"
who just adores the color PURPLE!

She has been hinting for quite some time
now that she would really like it if I would
build her a small cottage.

[Oh yeah, that is just what I need, a PURPLE house!]

I do agree with her on the reference to small,
but I am really struggling with the color PURPLE.

I suppose that I could use A LOT
of white around the windows and door, plus
I could also consider adding plenty of
"gingerbread" to all of the eaves, as well!

Sounds good to me.

Violet is an Aquarian, so she does exhibit
eccentric tendencies.
For starters, she wears quite a bit of PURPLE,
and she decorates with it as well.

Her kitchen is unusual, to say the least.
You have never seen anything like it!

[I will have to go out to the workshop
and dig about in the boxes to find it and photograph it.
It is truly one-of-a-kind!!!]

Today, I'm posting a photo of Violet and her
nearest neighbor, who also likes the color PURPLE.

Sweet "Violet," a little witch.

Gladys Nightshade, a neighbor, with her feline friend, "Spooks," who loves to ride along!

This is an ancient screen that will be used in the PURPLE cottage.

A well-worn armchair.  It belonged to Violet's grandfather and she refuses to replace it.
Obviously it has seen better days, but Violet insists that it is comfortable and has a lot of life left in it.

One of many PURPLE pillows.

One of many PURPLE plants.

A pair of Violet's garden boots.  Too cute!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013


I feel so blessed living in God's Country...MONTANA.
The beauty is ever-changing.
I thank my lucky stars that I get to live this miracle everyday.
And, I just wanted to share it with YOU!


This extraordinary fellow is by BellaBelle Dolls.
Cornelieus will be joining the other wizards at Wanda's (my lst witch)
for some good old-fashioned shop-talk! 
There is much to discuss...books, potions, spells and the like.
Makes for an entertaining evening for one and all.


Close up of a pair of very fine eyes, full of wisdom, understanding & kindness.

Friday, November 22, 2013


This is the view I came home to this afternoon.
River is like glass.
There is a slight haze in the sky as there is a fire burning on the hills opposite.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


This is side # 1
Picture window is being test-fitted.
As I was cutting out the hole for the first window, the vibration of the jigsaw snapped a section along the grain lines leaving me with a gap that has to be remedied, thus the scrap.

Side #2

End #1, with one of the signs. 
This one will read, "SANTA's WORKSHOP."
Inside there will be a workbench filled with projects being worked on by busy elves.
Each shop will have a picture window for easy viewing on one side. 
The other side will have either two little peek windows or a door and a peek window for extra viewing.

This is end #2. 
I'm wondering what to put in this shop.
Perhaps a "MEET SANTA" complete with highbacked chair, Santa himself, a camera on a tripod for photos with Santa and an elf or two???
I don't think this unit is going to be large enough to hold Mrs. Claus' bakery & gifts.

The two shops will sit upon a small snowy foundation.

This is a winter birdhouse that will stand by the door of Santa's Workshop./
My buildings will get the snow treatment that these little houses have...
Let it Snow!!!

This second birdhouse will stand by the other shop's door.
I thought these were so cute.
They are going to be my inspiration for the Village itself...lots of snow!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


The movie Chocolat melted my heart! 
Having lived in France as a teenager, the nostalgic street scenes and shops brought back many warm, fuzzy memories.
I wanted to capture some of that in a roombox.
When I saw this table it struck a cord with me.  It was an ah-ha moment...I'll create a chocolate shop!
Then, I stumbled upon this precious girl eating chocolate. Another ah-ha moment erupted.  Of course, perhaps it was she who overturned the chocolate syrup.  ???  Do you think?  She is after all in possession of a bowl of chocolate frosting!  Hmm. 
Do you catch a storyline developing?  I certainly do.
Someone has created quite a MESS!
This piece is total inspiration.
My plan is to use it in a Chocolat display box.

One of the close up shots.

A broad shot.

Every shop has to have an ACCIDENT now and then!
Could this be THE culprit caught in the act?
Perhaps.  We shall see.

What a waste of perfectly good chocolate!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013


This lovely creature is the second of two ladies who will reside in my French folly-to-be!

These lovely dolls are by Giddy Kippers!  Aren't they just delicious characters?  The two powdered-wigged ladies are slated to reside in an outdated shabby chic environment that will be characteristicly of my own whim and fancy.  There will be little of historical merit to the project, only my utter joy and delight incarnate.

This robust soul rolled into my life with no thought as to where I would use her.  [This happens a lot in my little world.]  I often connect with my miniatures without any plan whatsoever!  This woman's uniqueness drew me to her.  I KNOW that there is a story in those eyes just waiting to express itself.  For the present she is nameless, story-less and waiting upon me to develop her into the character she was created to be.

The same hold true for this Tudor man!  His history and name are lock away within my own imagination yet to be discovered.  I have a room full of Tudor occupants who are celebrating in a feast of some sort.  Wonder where this fellow fits in the scheme of things?  My ultimate plan is to have several rooms, filled with people.  A pirates' pub on the ground level; a bed-chamber on the second level with a hidden treasures room; and a heraldic banquet hall on the top level with the colorful banners, etc.  Plenty of stories about all of the occupants, too! 

These delightful characters are two of Santa's elves.  On my dining table at this very moment are two little building that are the beginning of Santa's Village.  One will become Santa's Workshop, filled with elves making things.  The other home for Santa's sleigh?  It depend upon how it fits.  Otherwise I will make it a Meet & Greet room for Santa.  I have a winter Apecar, reindeer and plans for a Christmas bakery & gift shop for Mrs. Claus.  Talk about sugar plums dancing in my head!  *</: )>

Hope the weather holds out until I can get the two shops spray painted...RED!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Just before sunrise.  You can see the light glistening on the river that winds back and forth like an orange snake.

The sun rising!

Friday, November 8, 2013


It was raining yesterday and BOTH "Lovie-Dovie" and "Baby" decided it was best to seek refuge IN the house!
"Lovie" has chosen to be an outside-boy, so this was a rarity.  I found them both cuddled up on the loveseat, as comfortable as can be.  So I grabbed my camera to capture the moment.  This is one of "Baby's" favorite perching spots.  Evidently, "Lovie" agrees.  They are such sweet boys!  I think "Lovie" decided to become an outdoor-boy because Miss Lily is such a disagreeable hostess.  She chases the boys and terrorizes them every chance she gets.  She fancies herself Queen of the House and believes I am her person exclusively.  No sharing allowed.  Friendly Jack, would like more friends, but that is just not to be.  Lily runs him off, too.