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Thursday, November 21, 2013


This is side # 1
Picture window is being test-fitted.
As I was cutting out the hole for the first window, the vibration of the jigsaw snapped a section along the grain lines leaving me with a gap that has to be remedied, thus the scrap.

Side #2

End #1, with one of the signs. 
This one will read, "SANTA's WORKSHOP."
Inside there will be a workbench filled with projects being worked on by busy elves.
Each shop will have a picture window for easy viewing on one side. 
The other side will have either two little peek windows or a door and a peek window for extra viewing.

This is end #2. 
I'm wondering what to put in this shop.
Perhaps a "MEET SANTA" complete with highbacked chair, Santa himself, a camera on a tripod for photos with Santa and an elf or two???
I don't think this unit is going to be large enough to hold Mrs. Claus' bakery & gifts.

The two shops will sit upon a small snowy foundation.

This is a winter birdhouse that will stand by the door of Santa's Workshop./
My buildings will get the snow treatment that these little houses have...
Let it Snow!!!

This second birdhouse will stand by the other shop's door.
I thought these were so cute.
They are going to be my inspiration for the Village itself...lots of snow!

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