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Friday, November 8, 2013


It was raining yesterday and BOTH "Lovie-Dovie" and "Baby" decided it was best to seek refuge IN the house!
"Lovie" has chosen to be an outside-boy, so this was a rarity.  I found them both cuddled up on the loveseat, as comfortable as can be.  So I grabbed my camera to capture the moment.  This is one of "Baby's" favorite perching spots.  Evidently, "Lovie" agrees.  They are such sweet boys!  I think "Lovie" decided to become an outdoor-boy because Miss Lily is such a disagreeable hostess.  She chases the boys and terrorizes them every chance she gets.  She fancies herself Queen of the House and believes I am her person exclusively.  No sharing allowed.  Friendly Jack, would like more friends, but that is just not to be.  Lily runs him off, too.


Jean Day said...

Wonderful photo, they suit your loveseat so well too. They are such beautiful cats! I think girl cats can really be Queen of the House as you mention. Our sweet boy is sleeping curled up on our loveseat, he is 17 now, doesn't hear well and just loves sleeping and cuddling. Cheers, Jean

Ana said...

They are comfortable! In the warmth of home ...<3