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Saturday, November 30, 2013


Not many people like the color purple,
but I have a little witch named "Violet"
who just adores the color PURPLE!

She has been hinting for quite some time
now that she would really like it if I would
build her a small cottage.

[Oh yeah, that is just what I need, a PURPLE house!]

I do agree with her on the reference to small,
but I am really struggling with the color PURPLE.

I suppose that I could use A LOT
of white around the windows and door, plus
I could also consider adding plenty of
"gingerbread" to all of the eaves, as well!

Sounds good to me.

Violet is an Aquarian, so she does exhibit
eccentric tendencies.
For starters, she wears quite a bit of PURPLE,
and she decorates with it as well.

Her kitchen is unusual, to say the least.
You have never seen anything like it!

[I will have to go out to the workshop
and dig about in the boxes to find it and photograph it.
It is truly one-of-a-kind!!!]

Today, I'm posting a photo of Violet and her
nearest neighbor, who also likes the color PURPLE.

Sweet "Violet," a little witch.

Gladys Nightshade, a neighbor, with her feline friend, "Spooks," who loves to ride along!

This is an ancient screen that will be used in the PURPLE cottage.

A well-worn armchair.  It belonged to Violet's grandfather and she refuses to replace it.
Obviously it has seen better days, but Violet insists that it is comfortable and has a lot of life left in it.

One of many PURPLE pillows.

One of many PURPLE plants.

A pair of Violet's garden boots.  Too cute!!!

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