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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


The movie Chocolat melted my heart! 
Having lived in France as a teenager, the nostalgic street scenes and shops brought back many warm, fuzzy memories.
I wanted to capture some of that in a roombox.
When I saw this table it struck a cord with me.  It was an ah-ha moment...I'll create a chocolate shop!
Then, I stumbled upon this precious girl eating chocolate. Another ah-ha moment erupted.  Of course, perhaps it was she who overturned the chocolate syrup.  ???  Do you think?  She is after all in possession of a bowl of chocolate frosting!  Hmm. 
Do you catch a storyline developing?  I certainly do.
Someone has created quite a MESS!
This piece is total inspiration.
My plan is to use it in a Chocolat display box.

One of the close up shots.

A broad shot.

Every shop has to have an ACCIDENT now and then!
Could this be THE culprit caught in the act?
Perhaps.  We shall see.

What a waste of perfectly good chocolate!!!

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