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Monday, November 18, 2013


This lovely creature is the second of two ladies who will reside in my French folly-to-be!

These lovely dolls are by Giddy Kippers!  Aren't they just delicious characters?  The two powdered-wigged ladies are slated to reside in an outdated shabby chic environment that will be characteristicly of my own whim and fancy.  There will be little of historical merit to the project, only my utter joy and delight incarnate.

This robust soul rolled into my life with no thought as to where I would use her.  [This happens a lot in my little world.]  I often connect with my miniatures without any plan whatsoever!  This woman's uniqueness drew me to her.  I KNOW that there is a story in those eyes just waiting to express itself.  For the present she is nameless, story-less and waiting upon me to develop her into the character she was created to be.

The same hold true for this Tudor man!  His history and name are lock away within my own imagination yet to be discovered.  I have a room full of Tudor occupants who are celebrating in a feast of some sort.  Wonder where this fellow fits in the scheme of things?  My ultimate plan is to have several rooms, filled with people.  A pirates' pub on the ground level; a bed-chamber on the second level with a hidden treasures room; and a heraldic banquet hall on the top level with the colorful banners, etc.  Plenty of stories about all of the occupants, too! 

These delightful characters are two of Santa's elves.  On my dining table at this very moment are two little building that are the beginning of Santa's Village.  One will become Santa's Workshop, filled with elves making things.  The other home for Santa's sleigh?  It depend upon how it fits.  Otherwise I will make it a Meet & Greet room for Santa.  I have a winter Apecar, reindeer and plans for a Christmas bakery & gift shop for Mrs. Claus.  Talk about sugar plums dancing in my head!  *</: )>

Hope the weather holds out until I can get the two shops spray painted...RED!


Cinderella Moments said...

I love them! You're right they are full of character.

Ana said...

Beautiful collection of characters, they will give life to your precious scenes !! I love