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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Young & Aging

These two lovely ladies now have "portraits" of themselves! 

Aren't they darling?

Won't it be fun to get the chateau put together with all of the wonderful things that I have purchased for them over the past year...fancy iron bedsteads, pretty painted commodes, lovely dressers, ornate fireplaces with mirrors, period carpets, knickknacks galore, even a pet or two.. 

I'm really trying to be patient, but my mental juices are flowing in every conceivable direction!!!

I know that I have to get my Real Life in order BEFORE I settle down to the miniature tasks at hand, though it would be so easy to just put off emptying boxes and dive into my passion....miniatures. 

Sadly, the other individuals in my Life would not appreciate that scenario!  And, do believe me, I would hear about it.  Don't want to go down that path.  LOL

So for the present, I will sneak time on my blog and add photos to entertain you and me!!  (hee hee)

Sunday, August 2, 2015


I cannot believe that it is just over a year since I last made an entry!

Where did my Life go???

I'm still wondering that myself.

There have been moves, illnesses, births and deaths which have taken up my time, energy and stolen many hours, days and months from my very existence. 

Miniatures have had to take a back seat!  I've missed them terribly.

Now, that my latest move is nearly behind me, I'm thinking again about my beloved miniatures.

I have to locate my camera and begin taking photographs of all that is "new."

Stay tuned...

I may have been out of circulation for quite a while, but my "collecting" has never suffered.

There will be so much to share!!!

:  )