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Sunday, August 2, 2015


I cannot believe that it is just over a year since I last made an entry!

Where did my Life go???

I'm still wondering that myself.

There have been moves, illnesses, births and deaths which have taken up my time, energy and stolen many hours, days and months from my very existence. 

Miniatures have had to take a back seat!  I've missed them terribly.

Now, that my latest move is nearly behind me, I'm thinking again about my beloved miniatures.

I have to locate my camera and begin taking photographs of all that is "new."

Stay tuned...

I may have been out of circulation for quite a while, but my "collecting" has never suffered.

There will be so much to share!!!

:  )




De said...

She's adorable! Welcome back to blogland. We all have times in our lives when real life requires all of our time. I hope you are able to find some mini time soon. :-)

Minteriors said...

Thank you so much, De, for stopping in and leaving a comment. I've certainly been out of the loop for far too long. I appreciate your comments. : ) Jessie

NarinaNäpertää said...

Aww... How cute she is!!
Just enjoy your time with her - years fly by so fast! Before you know it, she crawls - then she walks and and before you know it she's in her "I can do it myself" ages..
Gosh.. My little princess is already 17 years (and a half like she likes to add *grin*) and I still stop every now and then to wonder where did all the time go..
My eldest is 23 and I just turned 46 on last Saturday and I haven't yet learned the mystery of how time can going so fast..
I begin to be convinced that I do unknowingly quantum leaps *lol*
So collect all the memories you can and treasure them in your heart :)
Hugs, Irina

Minteriors said...

Irina! You expressed it ever so well. I shall take your words to heart. Thank you. XX Jessie

otterine said...

Nice to see you! :D

Minteriors said...

Thanks, Otterine, it is nice to be back!!! : )