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Friday, January 11, 2013


That is right, it snowed all day yesterday and into the night, and as I sit looking out of my study window it looks like an absolute winter wonderland.  Beautiful.

All of the pine trees are "sagging" with the weight.  Stunning.

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(No, this picture is NOT the 9" photograph.  Unfortunately, I LOST that one when my computer went down, but this does give you an idea of what it might have looked like!  There was at least two to three time the snow that you see.  It was an extraordinary sight to behold.  The dark "ribbon" on the left is the river below.) 

I've been busily working on my red, black and white "M. E. Kitchen."  It has been well over a year since I even worked on the poor thing.

I have managed to get all of the accessories glued in their respective places, and the cabinets are now affixed to the walls.  It is shaping up nicely!  Now, to locate a caulking gun, so that I may install the window; unearth the pleater, in order to construct the curtain panels, attach the furnishings with a dab of glue to keep them in place longer than 10 seconds, and voila I'll be "FINISHED."  I can't believe I'm actually using an "F" word!  It is about time!!!! 

I did find both of my cameras and they work.  I will be including a snow shot or two for good measure.

While working dutifully on this little kitchen, I have been turning over in my mind as to which "project" I will do next.

I went to one of my other computers and found where I had stored all of the information for my many different projects...HOUSES, ROOMBOXES and "VEHICLES." 

It still astonishes me what it is that I do have waiting on me.  Will I live long enough to complete them all?  I truly hope so!

The question now arises, which "project" do I tackle next?

Anyone one of them would be worthy of my time and efforts, but which to choose, that is the hardest part for me.

I did organize them into two categories...NEED TO BE COMPLETED, and  NEED TO BE BUILT.

Obviously, I narrowed it down to the ones needing to be completed, as many are "almost there" as they sit.  It makes far more sense to finish them up rather than start something new.

So, I asked myself, WHICH should I choose? 

Red Riding Hood's cottage?  The covered wagon?  The Bridal/flower shop?  The gypsy wagon?  The Witch's herb shop? The stagecoach?  The little French shop?  The old country truck?  The "white-washed" cabin? Or, my "enchanted" Irish pub? 

Decisions, decisions.  I don't like making decisions!

Thinking about it, I may just have to begin with my old, rusty country truck, as it will be "needed" for some upcoming events, and it will make more sense to have it "in service" already.  Yes, I do believe that is the one that I will do next.

That was easy enough, but, I have to remember where I have stored it!

The poor thing has not been out of its box since I received it from its creator, and that was a very long time ago.  I wonder how many years it has been?  Hmm.

Unfortunately, when it was delivered, one of the fenders had "broken off" in shipment and I never did make the repair.  Guess that is going to be one of the challenges coming up.  I do have the perfect "little man" to take care of it for me.  Now, let me see, where am I going to find him???

Having moved makes my little "treasure" hunt a bit daunting.  So many boxes!  Yes, yes, they are labeled, but I still have to lift and sort, sort and lift in order to read each label to find what it is that I am searching for.

Once finished, I will post photos on Webshots to "immortalize" the effort, and of course, I will be posting here as well to "share" with all of you.

I'll be back as soon as I have photos in hand to load.

Warmest best wishes to you from cold, cold snowy Montana and me!


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Ana said...

Many projects!! what luck! I hope to see pictures soon! Happy weekend