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Saturday, June 15, 2013


Let me introduce..."Silke"...

Isn't she just a dear?

And look at this lace dress!

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"Silke" is the creation of doll artisan,
Silke Janas-Schlosser

I asked if it would be acceptable
to call my doll after her,
and she kindly, and modestly consented.

I think the name is so sweet and unique! 


My "Silke" and her many tabby cats
share this shabby "whitewashed" cabin
that was fashioned
by Caroline of Cinderella Moments.

I just love, love, love this cabin!!!

I wouldn't mind living in one like this myself.
It is so airy and bright...
sweet, charming and totally delicious.

As you can see, it is feeding time
and the cats are beginning to gather. 

A closer view.

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As long as I have your attention, I have a few
new photographs of the interior to share.

Yes, yes, I am still "testing" furniture
to see what fits and what does not.

I brought in an armoire this time
and it is covering the front door!

I don't think that it is half bad.

On the left side is the dining area...

...and on the right, the living room.

There are a few things left for me to do...

I have to hang more items on the walls
and add some extra accessories.

Other than that I think I'm pretty much satisfied
with the way it looks.

The plan is to "add" a shelf
across the entire ceiling line of the room
above the door and windows
to display plants and knickknacks.

I am definitely a fan of  "too many" trinkets.
It would seem that I was born
into the wrong era!  (LOL)

Once that is done, I think that the cabin will be
for the most part complete.


Eliana said...

Adorable lady! ;)

Silke Janas-Schloesser said...

Jessy I love it love it love it !!!! I too would like to move into this great cabin !!! With all the cats !! I just have two little tigers here ;o) The furniture is great, I looooove the Colors ! You did a great Job on this ! Big hugs,from big Silke ;o)

Ana said...

Beautiful doll!! I love her hair and her wonderful lace dress. The cottage is adorable, as all works of caroline, with gorgeous colors! I love everything.