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Monday, June 10, 2013


How about a Pirates' Island?

Poor souls, all that "treasure"
and not a mall in sight!


Or how about a Gypsy Wagon?

This one is going to become a nightlight.
I will bore a hole in the bottom of it
and insert a small bulb.
The windows will be "stained glass"
for color and interest.
My little Match-Maker, "Golda," (by Detta's Darlings)
is the lady in the plastic bag...this keeps the dust from
settling in the folds of her dress!!


Anyone up to a "cross-country trip" in a covered wagon?

This little beauty will be home for my Michael Landon
"look-alike" doll dressed in buckskin
by Joan Blackwood.
All it needs is to be filled with staples
and he is off!



Isn't this cute?
Display by Mike's Miniatures
Chairs by Judith Dowden
Braided rug by Carol Cammer

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