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Friday, June 7, 2013


This is what I have planned...


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Not long ago, a wonderful artisan and friend, Casey, posted a "sandy" yard project,
and it struck me...ah ha!...I can make a beach setting for my little VW travel bus!!!

Happily, a couple of  "little people" recently arrived in the mail
from another talented friend, Bonnie Justice, doll artisan. 
So, I coaxed them to pose for me to give you an idea of where I'm going with this "project.

I even located some "shag" carpeting (that needs to be scaled down) can see it in the doorway.

I've been "researching,"
and I would love to design and paint this bus with TOTAL "Flower Power." 
That would be so silly and such fun.

Among other things my plan includes...

a colorful attached canvas awning over the double doors
that stretches out across the sand to make some necessary shade,
a little metal habachi grill,
a plaid metal cooler,
a colorful striped folding wooden lounge chair,
a tiny folding table with a couple of folding stools,
a metal ladder,
an adult surfboard,
black wet-suit,
a set of black rubber flippers, and mask with snorkel,
and a make-shift clothes line with drying beach towel,
a bottle of Coppertone lotion,
a colored pail and shovel,
a couple of water toys,
a couple of child's inner-tubes,
a few collected seashells,
a sandcastle,
and a couple of beach hats, or visors,
and sunglasses.

The fun may begin quite soon,
as I have most of what I need on hand.

1 comment:

Ana said...

is lovely!!
I think the idea of ​​painting the caravan of "flower power" is very good. I hope you do!!