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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The real estate transaction went ever so smoothly
and "Wisteria Cottage" now belongs
to Hoodie and Goose.
They are thrilled to have found such a cozy abode.
Pictured is MOVING DAY!
Here we have Jerry just driving up
with their belongings...

Now that Gerry has arrived,
Hoodie is on her way out to the water pump
to fetch some fresh water... 

(Close up of the old, country pump)

As soon as Gerry unloaded the furniture,
he had a cup of cold well water,
and was on his way
as he had a day of deliveries to make.


Thought that you would enjoy these "close ups"
of Red Riding Hood & Goose,
and how they look today...2013!

CLICK on photos to ENLARGE
(see the details)

1 comment:

Ana said...

The realism is in your pictures! Super clean, and the water pump is spectacular. End up very tired of moving!
The environment where you live, is a marvel.