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Sunday, June 9, 2013


Another post? 

That's right! 

I am at least a year behind in my postings,
so I thought I had better get some more photographs up of forthcoming "projects." 

This is my "Shabby White-Washed Cabin" created by my friend Carolyn @ Cinderella Moments.

Isn't it lovely?

CLICK on photo to ENLARGE

As you can see, I'm playing with furniture placement.

Also, you probably noticed that there are a large number
of "identical" CATS.
Yep, your eyes are not playing tricks on you,
each and everyone is a striped-tabby!

I just thought it would be funny to have a house full of felines.


Now, you are looking at is the beginning of a basement kitchen
in "The Enchanted Leprechaun,my version of an Irish pub.

Lying on the floor are sundry "fresh" meats. 
These along with some specimens of hanging fowl
will be properly hung from beams on the ceiling.

The oak casks in the back left corner will be
enclosed in a panty area and viewed only through
a semi-opened doorway with one
lone light bulb dangling from the ceiling.

This show the entire proposed complex.
The kitchen will be "underground." 
I will be building up and covering the box
to make it appear
as if the pub rests upon a little hill.

The pub entrance will open onto a flagstone patio
with a low "stone" wall enclosure.
A table or two with chairs will sit upon it.
 "Stone" steps will wend their way diagonally
across the side of the hill. 
(Not the best thought out plan for tipsy, wobbly inebriates, now is it?!) 

Certainly hope someone remembered to renew the liability insurance.

Disgracefully attired, the barmaid awaits an outfit!

Up in the attic room, an in-the-wall bed with curtains 
will be installed for the comfort of the self-made,
Irish alchemist named,
"Red O'Mealy,"
who knows how to turn coal into gold!

Lucky fellow.

Don't forget to
CLICK on photos to ENLARGE
and see the details.



Ana said...

I love carolyn work! That house is gorgeous. You have to fill it with lots of detail!
The second house, the basement is in great detail. I like how you placed the barrels and their distribution. We will wait to see it complete, you will be great both

Ana said...

Cats are very at ease in this beautiful home

Cinderella Moments said...

LOL! I love the cats! You have such a great collection. I'm so glad to get a little peek at it. Thank you for putting up the photos. I know you have so much more to show us.