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Sunday, June 9, 2013


A thrift-store find:

I now call this home
the "Shabby White House"

It started out with a dismal "unfinished" wooden roof,
forest-green sides, black and white shutters
and as you can still see, green astro-turf
on the porch.

My grandson was kind enough
to undercoat the entire exterior with Kils.
I will take it from here.

Once I decide which furnishings to use inside,
the exterior will get another coat of paint,
as will the roof.
The floors inside will have to be reinforced
and the bottom of the entire structure will need bracing as well.

I have taken out the third story attic floor
and will retain the open vaulted feeling
by adding white structural beams
for architectural interest.

Floors will be "pickled," painted, or receive coverings as warranted.
Most porch arches will receive hanging, potted flowers.

I call this shop:

"Jamais Après"

my little French shop! 
(Translation:  "Ever After")

Decorative topiary trees will fill the empty pots under the shutters.
A shop sign will be made for over the top of the bay window.
And speaking of the windows, they will be "glazed"
with acetate sheets that have cross-hatching silk-screened on to them.

I created the pretty "stone" floor
from egg cartons. 
I just love, love, love it!!!

Well, I apologize that it has been feast, or famine with me!

I came out of the starting gate
strong and eager to get going,
only to abruptly drop off the face of the earth
as it were.

Now I'm back in form
with energy to spare
posting four times today alone!

Guess you are going to have to take
what you can get, when you can get it.

: )

There are so many "projects" begging for attention.
You will see these and others
in the hours, days, weeks,
months and years ahead.

1 comment:

Ana said...

Beautiful white house! and safer than tastefully decorate!
The floor of the small workshop, it is a great job, very well done and finished very real. I love it! Congratulations for your great work