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Thursday, June 6, 2013


Well, I have finally gotten most of my page straightened out. 

At least it is no longer lopsided, or overlapping. 
That is a BIG plus in my perfectionistic workbook.

Now to see if my little camera card works. 
IF it does, I just may be able to update the photographs. 

Wouldn't that be a novel move?!

Nothing worse than stale bread!!!

During these months that I have "been away,"
I have not been idle by any means. 

I have continued my quest for wonderful minis
to add to my ever growing collection. 

It is going to be such fun incorporating
them into my many "projects-to-be." 

Just l@@king at them inspires me! 

Wait until YOU get to see them! 
I'm sure they will make you smile as well.

Guess I had best cut the chatter, and get back
to "testing" my updated computer system.

The photos are next!

Euphoria abounds....

; )

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