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Sunday, June 16, 2013


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This photograph was taken
from the kitchen window
looking north across the lake toward
Glacier National Park
in the far, far, far distance.
(Ususally, it is totally WHITE.)

The "faded" mountain range
just to the left of the full green tree
under the line of white clouds
are the Rocky Mountains.
To the left of them you can see some
"snow-topped" mountains even more faded...
THAT is Glacier National Park.


I could kick myself!!!

The weather and scenery were spectacular...

the Rocky mountains,
lovely green pine forests,
winding roads,
lake and island vistas,
fabulous rock out-croppings, 
cherry orchards,
Architectural Digest-type log homes,
white-tailed deer, and wildflowers...

What was I doing? 

Answer, driving the automobile!

This "road trip" was specifically taken to
drive up to my mother's new lake home
overlooking Flathead Lake
(2 hours north)
to measure
for the proposed new kitchen
and lower-level apartment.

This home is 3-stories,
about 6,600 square feet
with lake, mountain, glacier,
island and sky views
out of every window.

What a missed opportunity to share

I literally took it for granted.

I live in God's country,
surrounded by some
of the most spectacular scenery on earth
and I got caught up
in my mundane little life
and forgot
to document the beauty for YOU!

What a shame!!!

: (

1 comment:

Ana said...

oh my god !!!, of course, is spectacular where you live and you're a lucky woman, to see every day this wonder.Hugs!!!!