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Sunday, June 9, 2013


I can't stop now!

There are more "projects" to post.

Get a load of this one!!!

~My "cowboy" house~

I've named it FOSS HOUSE after the rancher
who had me come drag it out of his utility barn.

I couldn't not take it. 

What potential is has!!!

Even if it is old, falling apart and dirty.

Why this one came complete with genuine rat droppings! 
"They" lived well.

At present, it houses my collection of egg cartons,
as each is slated to provide "stones"
for the exterior and fireplaces.

Crazy as it may sound,
I had this sitting in my living room for a time,
just so I could gaze upon it,
"study" it and dream up some ideas. 

The "wings" will be converted into
1) a modern country-gourmet kitchen,
including granite countertops & copperware; and,
2) a grand family room complete with rustic 
wide plank floors, beam work, and a stone fireplace.

My motif will be HORSES.

There will be leather furniture,
bronze statues,
cowboy and ranch fare everywhere.

Very interesting house-to-be!


Now this next project has me painted into a real corner.

It is a rotating lamp base sectioned into 4.

I call it "Four Seasons,"
as I envision each of the quarters
representing a season...
spring, summer, fall and winter.

Two sections are exterior vistas,
the other two are interior rooms.

Here is what I have to work with:


There is a little wall-hung fountain complete with coy, being "eyed" by a curious cat.
Spring flowers are in bloom.
And a birdhouse is awaiting tenants.
This garden is viewed from the summer kitchen.

There had been a tree in the corner that hid part of the wall.
It was a piece of Statis and was falling apart, so I pitched it.

I may have to consider a trellis along that bare section
of wall with a "trained" tree. 
Or some sort of flowering arbor with a little bench tucked inside.
This is a boring little yard!


I really wanted this to be a "fall" kitchen,
but the order just didn't make it possible for that.
So, I'm stuck with a "summer" kitchen. 
Bye-bye sunflowers.

(You are going to have to use your imagination on this one
and insert the picture of the 2 boxer dogs in the "blue & gold" hallway photo HERE)

...see LARGER photograph is posted below...
[after the postings]

I'll attempt to locate the disc that has that photo on it
so I can post the photo to give this posting continuity. 

(Hope I can find it!)

In the meantime, just scroll down
to see what I'm talking about, if you are at all curious.

The entry way has white French doors with white "marble" floors.
Dark blue wallpaper with tiny gold pattern.
There is a John Hodgson brass eagle table
with green marble top and a gold-leaf mirror above.
These are flanked by two gold-leaf caryatid plant holders.
What I envision for here is a large decorator vase
filled with fall-colored flowers.
The caryatids will be filled with trailing ivy
and a few token fall-flowers.

The dogs stay!

I will add a James Carrington Art-Deco doll
who is dressed-to-the-teeth in gold silk.
While she is very dramatic,
she is not at all like the rest of the scenes!
But, where else am I going to use her?
I had thought that this would be my "fall" yard,
but it HAS to be "winter" instead.
So, I'll have to get out the Gesso and
"dust" the dried plant with snow!
The fountain is going to have to have 
frozen ice water instead of flowing water.
And, the yard will have to say good-bye to the green grass
and put on its winter overcoat of snow.


This is NOT what I had in mind.

I just know that this project
is going to throw me for a loop, emotionally!
Too many restrictions.

So is Life. 

I welcome any and all suggestions
if you have any to share. 

: )

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Ana said...

oh! wonderful representation of the 4 seasons!